About us

Whisky Nerds: how it all started…

Under a deep blue sky with in its center a bright yellow sun, a fellowship of five whisky friends made a pilgrimage to some of the most legendary whisky distilleries in Scotland. It was Spring 2009, and the men experienced a time to remember. Whisky friends changed into friends, and from within this group the bottlers emerged with a vision to bottle whisky under their own label: the Whisky Nerds became professional bottlers. The aim is to raise a glass of the best whisky they can find, to loose their heads over, and to be enjoyed all around the globe.

It is said that time is the secret ingredient of an excellent whisky. The Whisky Nerds take this notion by heart. The bottlers have no other desire than to put out good whisky, at the right time. If benefit is to be expected from giving a cask another year to perform more magic on the precious spirit inside it, then it is given. So, bottlings under the Whisky Nerds label may very well be a rare event. But when the whisky reaches your glass, you can rest assured only the highest standards were met to ensure the whisky is of the highest quality. Food for thought… and discussion! All the more reason to meet up, enjoy a glass together, and have a good time.